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TheCelebrityCafe.com Gives “Son Of An American” Dream 4 Stars!

By Marcina Zaccaria of TheCelebrityCafe.com

Author Rating: 4.0 Stars – Very Good

“Son of An American Dream,” is an honest album from Bill Curreri. As the album represents Americana and all of its complication, there are dreams of self-definition, lost love and freedom on this album.

Curreri’s songs are well-crafted. He performs with a tight band, and the sound is smooth and solid. Americana is a difficult genre. Songs from the heartland can sometimes just ring false. “Son of An American Dream,” has a good blend of tunes, real emotions and enough variety for fans.

The first song, “Son of An American Dream,” looks at all of the pitfalls of the “American Dream.” It is standard rock music, in simple 4/4 time with guitar, bass, and drums, and it sounds like an old John Mellencamp song. When he sings about being the son of an American Dream, his fans might want to sing out with him.

“Fade Away” is a tune, with female back-up singers complimenting the driving track that moves the sound forward. “To See You Again” is a beautiful ballad, featuring a guitar leaning into the vocals. Curreri longs for his lost love in the song, and the tune is full of the lessons learned. Curreri paints a portrait of himself, praying for the right time. His words are expressive and heartfelt. Perhaps, this is why the song is definitive of the genre. He is wishing and hoping for better in this one, and it’s great to hear his stretch as an artist.

Though it’s a bit of an upsetting theme, “She’s Still Got a Hold On Me” is not an upsetting song. Curreri is not daunted or upset by his lost love, but rather, just upset. “Captain Jack” is fun. It’s light and breezy. The folksy tune includes orchestration that sounds like a ukulele, and Curreri sounds authentic and sincere. “With Lydia” is song about his love of a specific person. Long term values are shared. The album wraps up with “Last Chance For Changes.”

All in all, Bill Curreri has done something special with this album. He taken the feelings from his soul and shared them with his fans. This one’s worth a listen.

“Son of An American Dream,” is out in stores Sept. 2.

This review originally appeared in TheCelebrityCafe.com


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