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“Son Of An American Dream” reviewed by The Italian Tribune

Singer-songwriter Bill Curreri announces the release of his new album “Son of an American Dream” on September 2, 2014. “Son of an American Dream” is best described as a hybrid of classic rock and contemporary Americana, with elements of pop, R&B and country. The name for the album was inspired by Curreri’s own life, as he was born to Italian immigrant parents.

“Son of an American Dream” features ten songs composed by Curreri, nearly all of which draw from his own life experiences, and many bear dual meanings.

The title track, which opens the recording, is one of the album’s most rocking and poignant.

“Basically, it’s an homage to my mother and father and my grandparents—my family,” says Curreri. “They came here from Italy and had no education; then the Great Depression got in the way and they had to go to work, followed immediately by World War II. I really didn’t understand what they’d gone through as I was growing up, but toward the end of their lives I understood exactly where they were coming from.”

Many of the other tracks on “Son of an American Dream” also work on multiple levels, from the easy-flowing “To See You Again” to “Fade Away,” the album’s hard-rocking second track. The driving “Hold on To Your Heart” is Curreri’s reflection on the effects of a broken relationship and “Last Chance for Changes,” with its funky guitar riffs, has its roots in an earlier time in Curreri’s life and focuses on the ’60s counterculture.

For more information visit www.billcurreri.com.

This reviewed was published in The Italian Tribune on July 31, 2014. You can download a PDF of the original article here.


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