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Powerplay Magazine (UK) reviews “Long Time Gone”

Bill’s album “Long Time Gone” was reviewed by Duncan Jameson in Issue 166 of UK’s Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine. The review has been reproduced below. You can see a scan of the original review here.

* * *

It’s taken New Yorker Curreri until he’s sixty-four years old to get round to releasing a debut. However, this doesn’t sound like the music of a weekend hobbyist musician. Instead, this is a musician with a good ear for a melody whose life has taken him down a different path until now. It’s rock, but it rocks rather politely, with one foot in the country rock camp. The air of a Greenwich Village singer songwriter is in the music but so too is the sound of the Eagles, JJ Cale, Tom Petty and even John Hiatt.

Some top class New York musicians help Bill out on catchy Radio 2 friendly fodder such as the country rocker “Brother”, the fine Beatlesy ballad “This Night” and laid back cool of “Feather in The Wind”. He throws a surprise into the mix late into the album with the funkier “Lay Your Money Down” that has elements of Petty mixed up with soul backing. Well-crafted songs that indicate a life of experience has been poured into them. His own delivery works with his higher register and slight warble quality, but you sense that these songs could have a life of their own and might work even better in the hands of some of the artists mentioned above.

Curreri is already working on a follow up for this year, his creative splurge proving that it’s better late than never.



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