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Bill Curreri, one of rock-americana’s most promising new artists, brings together top industry talent for his debut album, “Long Time Gone.”

(New York, NY) September 1, 2012–Inspired by his Greenwich Village roots and backed up by an ensemble of accomplished, world-class musicians, Bill Curreri’s new album “Long Time Gone” has been a lifetime in the making. After successful careers in advertising and academia, Curreri is finally returning to his roots—music, family, friends and, of course, the golden age of rock.

“Every song on ‘Long Time Gone’ tells a story,” Curreri said. “And collectively, they shape the narrative of my life, as well as the lessons I’ve learned along the way.”

The album is nothing less than an artistic masterpiece. Curreri wrote “Long Time Gone” with the hope that his songs would speak to both the universal and personal life experiences, emotions and issues that are no longer associated with classic Rock-Americana music. The songs weave tales of selflessness, friendship, betrayal, self-determination, politics and the randomness of life. Curreri brilliantly merges a unique blend of insightful poetic lyrics, an infectious rock beat, layered guitar riffs, soaring vocal harmonies and unforgettable melodies.

“My songs are crafted with an eye toward the collective life experiences and personal emotions common to us all regardless of gender, race or age,” Curreri said. “I hope that young and old audiences will find something in ‘Long Time Gone’ that will touch them personally and that will resonate with them.”

Today’s most accomplished musicians, producers and sound engineers added considerable weight to “Long Time Gone.” The album was co-produced by Grammy-award winning drummer, Sammy Merendino and bass player Roger Fife who has worked on projects for several major record labels and composed and mixed sound for television and film. Curreri’s team also included two-time Grammy-award winner, David Mansfield (fiddle and electric slide guitar), John Putnam (electric and acoustic guitars), Chris Palmaro (keyboards) and Katia Floreska (backup vocals). This world-class ensemble of musicians has performed and/or recorded with many of today’s most notable music icons including Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Sting, Madonna, Cher and Cyndi Lauper.

“For me, it’s all about the music,” says Bill. “I’m very proud of ‘Long Time Gone’ and of the professionalism my producers and band members brought to this project. I grew up in Greenwich Village during the socially turbulent 1960’s. I am convinced that the Village’s strong musical tradition and history of social and personal consciousness influenced my stylistic approach to songwriting and inspired me after all these years to return to my musical roots.”

“Long Time Gone” was recorded at Harlem Parlour Recording and mastered by APS Mastering in New York City.

“Long Time Gone” Track List:
This Time I’m Gonna Make It
When I Was A King
This Night
Feather In The Wind
Know Yourself
Hard To Say Goodbye
Lay Your Money Down
Let Me Be The One
Old Friend


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