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“Every song here is solid. It’s an Americana style that is quite familiar. Yet it’s fresh. …a disc that’s full of strong music.”

Review by G. W. Hill

Every song here is solid. It’s in an Americana style that’s quite familiar. Yet, it’s fresh. Comparisons to Tom Petty are probably the most accurate, but this covers a decent amount of territory.

Track by Track Review

Son of an American Dream
This catchy rocker is suitably packed with Americana. It’s a great tune in the tradition of artists like Tom Petty. It has some country and some rockabilly in the mix.

Fade Away
Now, this riff driven groove really does feel a lot like Petty. As much as I liked the opener, this is worlds better. It’s just so cool.

To See You Again
There aren’t any huge changes here. Instead, this is another classic sounding rocker. It’s another strong piece on a disc that’s full of strong music.

Hold on To Your Heart
There’s more of an old school rock and roll sound here. It’s not as effective for me as some of the other stuff. Still, it’s catchy and fun.

She’s Still Got a Hold on Me
Another classic rocking tune, there is a lot of magic and charm built into this number. It’s not quite as accessible as some of the rest, at least not instantly, but it’s one of my favorites here. It’s just so tasty.

Captain Jack
Combining tropical sounds, classic rock, country and Ameicana, this is more of an energized ballad. It’s a good one, but not a standout.

With Lydia
A somewhat slow melodic rocker, the vocal arrangement really sells this one. It’s a catchy tune and one of the better ones here.

Last Chance for Changes
Here’s another that makes me think of Tom Petty quite a bit. It’s a catchy rocker that’s very effective.

Pain Is Coming
Other than the vocals, this makes me think of Steely Dan quite a bit. It’s a cool rocker with some great jazz elements at play.

I’m Alright Now
The closer again has some nods to something like Tom Petty. It’s a solid rocker, but not a standout.


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