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Bill Curreri’s “Son of an American Dream” Is A Bona Fide Crossover Hit

Bill Curreri’s “Son of an American Dream” is currently receiving airplay on both Adult Contemporary and Top 40 radio stations nationwide, cementing the song’s status as a bona fide crossover hit. The single appears on Curreri’s newest album, “Son of an American Dream”, and is dear to the singer’s heart.

“Basically, it’s an homage to my mother and father and my grandparents—my family,” he said in a statement. “They came here from Italy and had no education—then the Great Depression got in the way and they had to go to work, followed immediately by World War II. I really didn’t understand what they’d gone through as I was growing up, but toward the end of their lives I understood exactly where they were coming from.”

The song also tells an important message to future generations. “My daughters, nieces and nephews may not have the same opportunities that we did—I feel the cards are stacked against them today,” Curreri explained. “So it’s also an inspirational song for them and their generation. The refrain, ‘I’m gonna make some changes in my life,’ is to tell them you can do it but you’ve got to get involved. You can’t take no for an answer.”

The singer and musician was born to Italian immigrant parents, and grew up in the midst of New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1960s. He watched a young Bob Dylan play folk songs in Washington Square Park, and witnessed rockers hanging out after their sets at Fillmore East. Although Curreri had musical interests, he entered the advertising world to support his family. Music remained a side hobby, until now.

“I’ve been told, ‘It’s strange that you’re doing it now,’and to that I say, ‘I’m very fortunate that I’m doing it now because I have so many stories to tell, so many life lessons to give, so many mistakes I’ve made along the way, that I can now share with others,’” he intimated. “Hopefully, I can inspire others to avoid the mistakes I made and to learn from my positive life experiences. I could not have been as successful when I was younger as I think I can be today.”

Other stand outs on “Son of an American Dream” include the easy-flowing “To See You Again,” and the emotional “She’s Still Got A Hold On Me.” Curreri’s band includes Chris Palmaro on keyboards, John Putnam on electric and acoustic guitars, Sammy Merendino on drums, Roger Fife on bass guitar, and Katia Floreska on back-up vocals.

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