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“… An album that pops and rocks in all the right places”

Growing up in the 1960’s as a big music fan in the middle of the Greenwich Village part of downtown Manhattan, Bill Curreri released his second solo album Son Of An American Dream on September 2, 2014. Going back to his music following time spent in the business world, Curreri does a fine job on an album that truly paves some new roads for modern pop music. Mix in a little Steely Dan, some Gerry Rafferty with a touch of Dylan and The Byrds and you come away with an album that pops and rocks in all the right places. Commenting on returning to pop music making later in his life Bill explains, “I’ve been told, it’s strange that you’re doing it now, and to that I say I’m very fortunate that I’m doing it now because I have so many stories to tell, so many life lessons to give, so many mistakes I’ve made along the way, that I can now share with others.” There’s so many cool cuts here for pop and rock fans to pick and choose from. It’s hard to single out just a few but, of course the lead off title track and the second cut here, “Son Of An American Dream” and “Fade Away” packs a solid one, two pop-rock punch. Among the most unique tracks here is the acoustic based “Captain Jack”. Curreri explains that the song “looks back fondly at a time in one’s life that is gone forever, never to be reclaimed.” There’s a range of catchy pop hooks in play here and Curreri’s band is totally professional sounding, highlighted by the solid electric guitar work of John Putnam, while the first rate production work of Roger Fife also adds shine to the album’s sonic appeal. State of the art 21st century jangle pop gets a solid transfusion with Bill Curreri’s Son Of An American Dream.

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The review above was taken from mwe3.com. You can read the original review here.


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