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“… A Stirring New Voice”

By Mike Greenblatt of Goldmine Magazine…

“Son Of An American Dream” by Bill Curreri (self-released) is a rockin’ little record I want my DJ to play. Here’s a New Yorker who was there in 1960s Greenwich Village, witnessed first-hand the folk and folk-rock explosion, was offered a major label deal in his twenties, but turned it down to raise a family and successfully rise through the advertising ranks with music always on the back-burner.

Until now.

All original, this singer/songwriter positively bristles with a well-worn rock’n’roll propulsion that still leaves room for his idiosyncratic voice and wise lyrics gained from a lifetime of astute observation. If Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers made this exact album, it would be hailed coast to coast. If The Eagles made this exact album, it would also be hailed. Vocally, we’re talkin’ maybe early Dave Edmunds or my man Moon Martin (remember him?). The rhythm section cracks with that satisfying kick (all of us who have been in bands can dig where he’s coming from), the lead guitar soars and the singer spills his guts. What makes it all cool is that his observations are totally universal, his experiences mirroring his generation. I totally get this guy. He’s me. He’s you. Especially if you’re a Baby Boomer. Intelligent personal lyrics sung with creamy-sweet harmony (some of the time) yet accentuated with a kick-ass band is always going win me over.

* * *

The review above was taken from Goldmine Magazine’s website. You can read the original review here.


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