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Bill Curreri’s Latest Single “Fade Away” Is The #1 Song On Adult Contemporary Radio Stations Nationwide

Bill Curreri’s critically acclaimed album, “Son Of An American Dream” released in September 2014 has been generating considerable support among both music critics and radio stations nationwide. The title track for that album was a rare triple crossover radio hit generating radio play on Adult Contemporary, Top40 and Country Radio stations across the U.S.A. And Bill Curreri’s second single from that same album, “Fade Away” is now the #1 song on Adult Contemporary Radio nationwide. For the week of June 5th, “Fade Away” charted at #1 on both NMW’s Adult Contemporary (AC) Radio Chart as well as #1 on NMW’s AC Indie Radio Chart. And “Fade Away” is also generating considerable traction among Top40 Radio stations nationwide as well (#14 on NMW’s Top40 Radio Chart). Says Bill, “It has been a wonderful journey so far. Both the AC and Top40 radio broadcast communities have been very receptive and supportive of my music. And for that I am extremely grateful. Hopefully, I will continue to deliver music that is worthy of their support.”

What the press and media are saying about Bill Curreri and his music:

“Bill Curreri is showing them how it’s done. His latest in ‘Fade Away’ the follow-up to ‘Son Of An American Dream’ is so strong that you can’t get the chorus out of your head.” – New Music Weekly Magazine

“Bill Curreri is delivering songs radio wants to play.” – NationalRadioHits.com

“‘Son Of An American Dream’ by Bill Curreri is a rockin’ little record I want my DJ to play&ellipsis; If Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers made this exact album, it would be hailed coast to coast. If The Eagles made this exact album, it would also be hailed&ellipsis; What makes it all cool is that his observations are totally universal, his experiences mirroring his generation. I totally get this guy. He’s me. He’s you&ellipsis; Intelligent personal lyrics sung with creamy-sweet harmony&ellipsis; yet accentuated with a kick-ass band is always going to win me over”
– Goldmine Magazine

“Mix in a little Steely Dan, some Gerry Rafferty with a touch of Dylan and The Byrds and you come away with an album that pops and rocks in all the right places&ellipsis; There’s so many cool cuts here for pop and rock fans to pick and choose from&ellipsis; State of the art 21st century jangle pop gets a solid transfusion with Bill Curreri’s “Son Of An American Dream.” -MWE3.com

“&ellipsis;despite the musicians’ East Coast roots, “Son of the American Dream” sounds as if it was given birth in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon music scene found in the early 1970’s&ellipsis;.Curreri cites the influence of the Byrds and Jackson Browne, artists who migrated to Southern California and are credited with helping create the country rock sound made most famous by bands such as the Eagles. And like a good country rock song, “Son of an American Dream” tracks such as “Hold On To Your Heart,” I’m Alright Now” and “Son of an American Dream,” with their bouncy beat and three part harmonies, are the kind of songs you blast when driving full throttle down an open road with the top down&ellipsis;.Not that all of the songs found on “Son of an American Dream” are country rock. “Fade Away” with its screeching guitar beginnings and a bass line reminiscent of REO Speedwagon’s “Back on the Road Again,” is just a flat out rocker. Both the haunting “She Still Got a Hold on Me” and “Pain is Coming,” have a jazzy, Steely Dan like vibe to them. “Last Chance for Changes,” is a funk driven, psychedelic plea that if you’re going to change the world, you better do it while you can.With each listening the ten tracks get better and require you to reassess which song is your favorite.” – EXAMINER.COM


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