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Hold On To Your Dreams, America!
Reflecting On My New Album, “Son Of An American Dream”

My second album, “Son Of An American Dream” is being released today, September 2, 2014 and I could not be more excited! The CD is my personal homage to those brave souls throughout our history who experienced unthinkable hardships and sacrifices to come to America in search of a better life. And ultimately, through hard work and perseverance they achieved their American Dream and passed those dreams on to their children and grandchildren.

Today however, many feel like America is drifting aimlessly and that our best days are behind us. There seems to be an unspoken yet ubiquitous fear among both young and old alike, that the American Dream is dead never again to be reclaimed. What can we as a country and as individuals do to change this?

“Reflecting on the lessons of my life”, I’ve learned that true independence and happiness comes from being self-reliant and not beholding to any person and/or entity for one’s future well being and happiness. For history has taught us well that what someone gives you oftentimes can suddenly and callously be taken away (“A helping hand can sometimes take a life”).

I hope my new album and it’s title track, “Son Of An American Dream” can help to inspire each of us to reclaim our own American Dream. But to accomplish this we will all, young and old alike, need to come together and “make some changes” in our lives… get informed about and involved in the world around us… and consider supporting those representatives who will serve your interests and not theirs (“And I need no one to thread on me staring down upon their thrown”).

The road to freedom and independence is a life-long journey with a myriad of unforeseen detours and impediments along the way. Today, we as a nation seem to be hopelessly divided and may have even taken a wrong turn somewhere along this journey. But, “in the end we make amends and somehow get it right.” About this, I have no doubt. For we are all… each and every one of us… sons, and daughters, of an American Dream.

Hold on to your dreams, America…



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